World's 1st All in One Sanitary Bin. Individually Seal Your Pads, Tampons, Liners, Condoms, Colostomy Bags with No Leaks, No Odours and No Mess!

Patented Design - Australian Owned Family Business

The Evelaniq Sanitary Disposal Unit is a revolutionary system that combines functionality, practicality, and environmental consciousness. With a storage capacity of 50 biodegradable bags within its lid unit, it offers a convenient and hygienic solution for the disposal of sanitary items. No more worrying about odors or unsightly waste bins in restrooms, Evelaniq keeps everything neatly sealed & your bathroom smelling fresh.

Step One

Open Top Lid, Remove Bag & Close.

pink sanitary envelope

Step Two

Place Used Items into Bag.

Evelaniq pink sanitary bin

Step Three

Peel Back Strip & Seal Bag.

Evelaniq pink sanitary bin

Step Four

Push to Open Bottom Lid & Dispose Bag.

The World's 1st All In One Sanitary Bin!

The Evelaniq Unit is an all-in-one, hygienic disposal unit that is compact, convenient and discreet. Storing Bio Degradable Bags within the lid section of the unit, to dispose of pads, tampons, colostomy bags and condoms individually.