No more unpleasant odours. Hygienic and Convenient Sanitary Disposal for Home & Small Business Use.

The World's 1st All In One Sanitary Bin!

Evelaniq is an all-in-one, hygienic disposal unit that is compact, convenient and discreet, storing Bio Degradable Bags within the lid section of the lid, to dispose of pads, tampons and condoms indvidually. The Evelaniq Sanitary System replaces your every day bathroom bin. No more odours or leaking, smelly pads and tampons. Hygienic convenience for everybody, everyday!

See for yourself why so many people LOVE Evelaniq!

Step One

Open Top Lid, Remove Bag & Close.

pink sanitary envelope

Step Two

Place Used Items into Bag.

Evelaniq pink sanitary bin

Step Three

Peel Back Strip & Seal Bag.

Evelaniq pink sanitary bin

Step Four

Push to Open Bottom Lid & Dispose Bag.