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Our valued customers tell us that two Evelaniq bins are better than one,  that's why we have put together the Household pack. Take advantage of the savings this pack offers and offer convenience in all your bathrooms.  The Household Pack consists of:

  • 2x Evelaniq bins
  • 6x boxes of 50 Bio Degradable sanitary bags to last two ladies three months 

This bin replaces your ordinary bathroom bin to give your household a discreet and hygienic approach to sanitary waste leaving your bathrooms fresh, clean and odour free.

The Evelaniq Sanitary Bin is the world’s 1st in-home, all-in-one disposal unit, and we’re super excited to offer you this exclusive NEW & Unique product. The bin was designed with convenience in mind. Gone are the days of awkwardly carrying your used sanitary items to the closest bin trying to dispose of your waste or wrapping in toilet paper only for it to seep through and attract pets and insects.

Especially ideal for households on Septic tanks.

We’ve added simplicity to the way you dispose of your personal waste in 4 easy steps:

  • Lift the top lid
  • Pull out a bag
  • Pop in your waste
  • Push the second lid open to dispose of the bag.

Because the sanitary waste is hidden within its own self-adhesive bag, other people can use the bin with-out being exposed to odours or unsightly waste. It’s the perfect all-round convenient waste compartment for your home and or small business.

Product features:

  • Proudly Australian Designed & Owned
  • Pre-packed with 50 Bio-degradable bags
  • Compact- fits discreetly in your bathroom
  • Hygienic- perfectly designed to dispose of hygiene waste in a safe and convenient manner
  • Discreet disposal- with its unique design, the Evelaniq bin offers absolute discretion when emptying into your general household waste bin
  • Environmentally friendly- Bio-degradable bags, great for you, and the environment
  • Tamper & leak proof- no need to worry about spills or smelly odours
  • Multipurpose (not just for feminine hygiene)



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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Maree Birzenieks
Household Pack

My daughter love them, perfect addition to their bathrooms/toilets

Fantastic Idea!!

Seriously, how has it taken so long for something like this to be available? I have been looking for something similar for so long, but never found it until now!! Thank you Evelaniq, we love it!!

Annie C.
Great Product

I came across this when looking for the bags to give to my daughter who was having issues when visiting her boyfriend's house and they didn't have a bin in the bathroom, and when they added one it didn't have a lid. I bought one of the bins for the ensuite and one for my daughter to use in the upstairs bathroom. It definitely makes things easier and nicer to be able to dispose of things in this way. Much nicer for guests too, who need to make use of it and my daughter can make sure she has some of the bags with her when she goes out.

Rebecca N.
Household pack

My girls and I love this product. It’s very discreet and clean. My girls want one each also. Would highly recommend

Bernadine A.

This Household Pack I love also because for a long I was looking for the exact products like this and I’m so glad I found Evelaniq on Instagram...

Step One

Open Top Lid, Remove Bag & Close.

pink sanitary envelope

Step Two

Place Used Items into Bag.

Evelaniq pink sanitary bin

Step Three

Peel Back Strip & Seal Bag.

Evelaniq pink sanitary bin

Step Four

Push to Open Bottom Lid & Dispose Bag.

In home, all-in-one feminine hygiene disposal unit
Evelaniq Sanitary Bin and bags

welcome to Evelaniq

I’m Sonia Napolitano, mother of 3 beautiful daughters and founder and inventor of the world’s first in home, all in one sanitary disposal unit- Evelaniq. My own personal frustration of not being able to dispose of sanitary waste in a dignified manner is what led me to create Evelaniq. I wanted to design a product that took the inconvenience and awkwardness out of a completely natural occurrence- Periods!

Gone are the days of wrapping your sanitary and personal hygiene waste in toilet paper only to attract pets and insects with the unpleasant odour. And no more having to ask the all too awkward question of … where can I put this? when visiting friends or relatives.

Evelaniq has revolutionised the way women (and men) dispose of their personal hygiene waste in the home and small business environment. Try for yourself and see why our customers are so happy to have found Evelaniq.


The Evelaniq  bin is easy to use, hygienic and takes the stress away for visitors.  I love how the bags seal so there are no odours coming from the bathroom and the teenagers in my house no longer have to worry about how to discreetly dispose of their sanitary products. I love Evelaniq


Being a mother of 4 young women, this has had a great response from my daughters.  In the past I have had to listen to my girls arguing over bathroom cleanliness issues, this has now stopped. The bin is not overflowing and there are no unsanitary items on view for other bathroom users to see.  Less waste and better hygiene, it certainly gets my tick of approval. I also own an all women workplace and would like to order a bin for there. 

Well done on coming up with a hygienic product, that every mother of young women will appreciate.  


So convenient with built in bags and super easy to use.  I love that my Evelaniq traps all odours within the bags and seals away my bathroom rubbish.  Now I am always confident my bathroom is ready for visitors.  I’ll never be without one in my home.


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