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Sonia Owner Evelaniq

I’m Sonia Napolitano, mother of 3 beautiful daughters and founder and inventor of the world’s first in home, all in one sanitary disposal unit- Evelaniq.

My own personal frustration of not being able to dispose of sanitary waste in a dignified manner is what led me to create Evelaniq. I wanted to design a product that took the inconvenience and awkwardness out of a completely natural occurrence- Periods!  I couldn’t believe that here we are in 21st century  and this issue had not been addressed. Another example of periods being taboo and not spoken of.

Gone are the days of wrapping your sanitary or personal hygiene waste in toilet paper and sneaking it out to the rubbish bin, or asking the all too awkward question of … where can I put this? Evelaniq has revolutionised the way women (and men) dispose of their personal hygiene waste in the home environment.

Evelaniq offers an all in one, hygienic disposal unit that is compact and discreet. We’ve packed a lot into this little compartment to ensure our customers enjoy the ease and convenience of disposing sanitary waste within the home.   

 Here are some of the Evelaniq bin's unique features:
  • 100% Australian owned and Designed
  • World first- in home, all-in-one patented disposal unit 
  • Each bin comes pre-packed- with 50 Bio-degradable bags
  • Compact- fits discreetly in your bathroom
  • Hygienic- perfectly designed to dispose of hygiene waste in a safe and convenient manner
  • Discreet disposal- with its unique patented design, the Evelaniq bin offers absolute discretion when emptying into your general household waste bin
  • Environmentally friendly- Bio-degradable bags, great for you, and the environment
  • Tamper & leak proof- no need to worry about spills or smelly odours
  • Perfect for yourself and your visitors- with its discreet design, your visitors will never have to ask where they can dispose of their hygiene waste again!
  • Ideal for those on Septic tanks wanting to save on Plumbing Costs

    So, how does the bin operate? Our revolutionary unique design has brought a whole new meaning to convenient sanitary disposal. Each bin holds the bags within the lid allowing for a super convenient hygienic solution for your sanitary waste in 4 easy steps:

    Simply lift the top lid, pull out a bag, pop in your waste, then push the second lid open to dispose of the bag. Because the sanitary waste is hidden within its own self-adhesive bag, other people can use the bin with-out being exposed to  odours or unsightly waste. It’s the perfect all-round convenient waste compartment for your home.

    We look forward to offering you, your visitors, and your employees/customers an exclusive NEW & UNIQUE product- designed by women, for women.

    Thank you for stopping by, we hope you love this product as much as we do, in fact, we KNOW you will!  


    Sonia Napolitano

    Evelaniq leaf pattern