The 3 period trackers we love the most

There are all sorts of reasons you might want to track your period. You might be trying to fall pregnant or trying to avoid it. You might want to be more aware of your body’s natural cycle so you can take the best care of yourself during every phase . You might want to better understand your moods and energy levels, cravings, and sex drive, or have a better way of keeping track of your bleed so you can be prepared with the products you need. Whatever your reason, here are 3 of our favourite period trackers available now.

1. Clue

Clue has a very clean, easy-to-use interface, and really gets into the nitty gritty of your own personal biology. It tracks your period, including flow intensity, birth control methods, menstrual products, and so much more, and gives you insights into how your skin and stress and energy levels can change over the course of your cycle. It can set up calendar reminders for you for your period, PMS, ovulation, or birth control, and helps you log your symptoms, cravings, exercise and more, so you can find your personal cycle patterns. Finally, it’s beautifully gender-inclusive, making it perfect for anyone who menstruates.

Clue for iPhone

Clue for android

2. Cycles

Another period tracker that does a deep dive into your biology is Cycles. Even though it’s highly customisable, the app itself is clean and an absolute breeze to use, with simple graphics that make it super easy to see when you’re fertile, likely to experience PMS, and when your period is due. You can also invite your partner to sync up with the app on their own device, which can come in handy for all sorts of things from trying to conceive, to knowing when you might need an extra cuddle or a heat pack.

Cycles for iPhone

3. Glow and Eve by Glow

Ok… we struggled to limit ourselves to 3, so we’re squishing these 2 together.

Glow is a period tracker with a keen focus on ovulation, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. You can track your sexual activity and body basal temperature through an easy daily log, and the app can connect you with wonderful online communities and resources if you’re undergoing fertility treatments. In the latest version, you’re able to compare your own data with that from millions of other people around the world, and you can identify patterns in your body, mood, and emotions, by checking back on data from your last 6 cycles.

Glow for iPhone

Glow for android

Eve by Glow focuses more on people who are not trying to get pregnant, and has a stronger focus on your sex life, whether that involves anyone else or not. Just as Glow can connect users with fertility-minded communities, Eve does the same with those wanting to talk openly about sex and empowerment. You can connect, track your period, take sex quizzes to learn things you never knew, and generally own your cycle and your sex life.

Eve by Glow for iPhone

Eve by Glow for android

Which period tracker do you love? Are there others you would recommend? Email us at  or join the conversation oFacebook or Instagram!


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