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Great bags

It’s so handy with the boxes fitting the lid of the bin. Will be taking a box of bags on my holidays as it’s not so embarrassing if the hotel only give 1 bag


Excellent product that are used for disposal of stoma bags.

Bio- Degradable Sanitary Bags

Omg totally recommend smell free ..Save on toilet paper waste and great great quality..It should be in every bathroom in every house..

Sanity Unit

Just perfect love it have one in each bathroom. Fast shipping no complaints here 👌

Great unit

Great unit my girls find it convenient

Best sanitary products

I bought one of these bins last year and have been loving it since! I will never go back to a regular bin in the bathroom. Sometimes the bags can get stuck when you try to pull them out (just due to the way they are packed in the cardboard, you could just put them in loosely) but it's not really a big deal. I actually love using the bags when I go hiking too, even if I don't have my period (for used toilet paper etc). No smell seeps from the bin at all, even on really hot days. Fantastic product and so happy I have one!

Sanitary unit

Great idea discreet way to dispose of used products

It works and it's great

I purchased the 3 boxes of 50 bags last year and have only now started running low. It has been a life saver at work on days I have them in my pockets ready to go. Truly no smell once the bag is closed. Only smell I've found is before closing the bag but it doesn't linger with a bit air freshner. I plan to purchase more. Best product I have used so far.

Perfection !

Perfect for a small office

Thank you

Thank you for my item


It would be great if the sanitary bags were lightly scented


This has just been fantastic, it’s neat and tidy, made the disposal so much easier and cleaner as well as getting all the spare bags. I’ll be letting my family, friends and their girls know about this. There was even a spare clip for the bin lid! Very happy!

SANITARY BAGS - 3 Boxes of 50

Replacement lid

So happy with the replacement lid! Definitely serving it’s purpose.

Great product great service

Love my products and even more the great service


Love how easy and compact this unit is and so versatile. I purchased one for my bathroom and just love it. Love how it has the top part for the sanitary bags and then a second main part for the used products to go in once placed in the bags with the bin. Would definitely recommend one in everyone’s bathroom.

So Clean and Easy

Love this product keeps everything so clean and easy to throw away keeps odours away.

Sanitary bins

I have recently purchased my 2nd sanitary bin from Evelaniq. These little bins and sealed wrappers are a lifesaver in our house. I have a daughter with a disability who suffers from the occasional incontinence. Now her sanitary and incontinence items can be sealed and disposed of in a pleasant and non offensive way, keeping my toilet clean and fresh.

Bin & bags

EXCELLENT!! No smell, easy to use & no wrappers. No need to waste heaps of toilet paper especially with 3 girls & myself in the houses. BEST IDEA & Product!!

Sanitary bags

Good product

Great sanitary bags


Starter Pack

Wish these were around years ago.

Great purchase

Fantastic product, great for a house with a few girls

Brilliant product - perfect for house or workplace!

This is an amazing product that we cannot recommend enough. My boss stumbled across this product and bought it for the office, both her and I loved it so much that we bought this Household Pack and took one home each.

We love that it is easy to use, great quality (some bins like this feel like they'll break). The bags are perfect to mask any smells and the contents of what's inside the bags (used sanitary items). We are looking forward to seeing bin liners introduced into the product range also.