Periods… So Natural … yet so taboo

Here at Evelaniq, we’re all about sanitary hygiene and normalising periods. Honestly, it’s the 21st century, it’s time to kick the stigma in the butt and embrace feminine hygiene for what it is…Natural!

We also want to ensure that every woman (and teen) has access to convenient and discreet sanitary disposal.

The Evelaniq sanitary disposal unit was designed by women, for women and provides everything you need to ensure your personal waste can be disposed of safely, and effectively at home and in the small business environment.

It’s great for use within the home, office, work environment, and pretty much anywhere else where sanitary disposal is needed.

It’s an all-round genius compartment that revolutionises the way women dispose of their sanitary waste.

Evelaniq Sanitary Bin

Fun fact about periods…

The tone of your voice changes during your period cycle

It’s strange but true. According to studies your voice changes due to higher levels of fluid retention in your throat membranes, and an increase in oestrogen hormones.

Did you know… October 19 is national period day?

Yep, it’s a thing…And certainly something worth celebrating. The idea behind celebrating national period day is to help alleviate the issues surrounding period poverty.

We look forward to revolutionising the way women dispose of sanitary waste, together!

All my best

Sonia Napolitano
CEO & Inventor – Evelaniq

Evelaniq Leaf Pattern


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