Never Flush Sanitary Items down the toilet

Flushing tampons down the toilet often leads to costly plumbing bills.  Nearly every plumber will tell you that flushing these items down toilet is not a good idea and should be avoided at all times.  All plumbing and sewer lines differ and some simply will not cope and will clog.

Tampons can take a long time to biodegrade, unlike toilet paper, which breaks up within minutes, tampons pads liners do not.

Designed for their reliability and dependability, Tampons are made not to break down whilst in use.  According to some sources It can take up to 6 months for a a single tampon to biodegrade … way too long.  A tampon caught in your sewer pipe for more than a few hours is likely to cause a backup of household waste that could end up right back In your house … eeeww!  Tampons also expand and get bigger when they absorb liquids, including toilet water. 

The unfortunate truth is, a lot of people still flush tampons down the toilet, and many of those end up at wastewater treatment facilities where they’re put through a complex and expensive filtration system. Eventually, those tampons are completely removed from the water and are sent to a rubbish dump–the same place they would have ended up in if you had simply thrown them away in the first place.

So again,  flushing a large wad of tough, expandable cotton down your toilet is a bad idea. Doing so can clog your sewer or your toilet. And even if the tampon makes it through your sewer system, the filtration and cleansing system that removes tampons and other trash from residential wastewater is costly and inefficient.

A Safe Way to Dispose of Tampons and Pads?

Evelaniq Sanitary Bin

Evelaniq is an all-in-one Sanitary Disposal Unit for the disposal of used sanitary items. The bin holds bags within the lid, allowing you to dispose of your sanitary items. Evelaniq  replaces your bathroom bin, giving the user convenience and discreetness at all times. Being Bio Degradable Evelaniq bags are environmentally friendly, they are opaque  so the contents are not visible through the bag and they are leak and odour proof!  Great for keeping insects and pets away!

No more, wrapping your tampons and pads in toilet paper.  Evelaniq is the hygienic convenience you have been waiting for!  Say goodbye to clogged up toilets from people having no options to dispose of their sanitary items, with Evelaniq in your bathroom  your visitors  will never be left asking the awkward question of  … where can I dispose of this again”?” and plumbers will love you for it!


Evelaniq Leaf Pattern

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