Sanitary Disposal at Home?

A Sanitary bin is essential  for any bathroom used by women in public, it is very rare to visit any restroom cubicle and not have a sanitary bin beside each bin… so why not at home?  I have often wondered that exact thing… why is it when you google.. sanitary disposal at home, all you find is some well meaning posts of people showing you how to roll up a pad into toilet paper and then just throw it in the bin? 

Surely, being in the 21st century with all of life’s conveniences we would by now have a more hygienic and convenient approach to disposing of used pads, tampons and panty liners at home. 

Sanitary products

Evelaniq provides a safe, hygienic and discreet way to dispose of your sanitary waste in the home.  Having Evelaniq in your bathroom will eliminate the temptation to flush sanitary items down the toilet, which can result in costly plumbing issues.  Evelaniq is functional and hygienic while being slimline,  stylish and modern, the unit fits perfectly beside any toilet.

The Evelaniq Sanitary Disposal bin is unique in the way that it holds the bags inside the bin lid, making it an all-in-one unit.  The bags are Bio Degradable and environmentally friendly, they are opaque and leak and tamper proof,  keeping odours trapped inside the bag, Making  Evelaniq  a must have addition to any bathroom.

Evelaniq Leaf Pattern

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